Fair Trade Month: Spicing Things Up at Plowshare

October is Fair Trade Month! And although every month is fair trade month here at Plowshare, October is a special time in which many people come to learn of fair trade and its many benefits, while others make sure to do a little something extra to support the fair trade cause.

One easy and thoroughly enjoyable way to support fair trade this month (and every month) is by incorporating fair trade foods into your kitchen. There’s nothing better than enjoying a tasty meal or drink and knowing that it is benefiting the lives of others. Now is a great time too, since we’ve recently expanded our flavor palette here at Plowshare with a couple new spices, a sweet relish, and a Sundried Tomato Mustard - all of which are delicious and ready for your dinner table!

Our new Sundried Tomato Mustard is a tasty blend of wine vinegar, mustard, sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil and paprika. Made in Nantekara in Wellington, South Africa, with the rich flavor of sundried tomatoes it pairs well with almost any sandwich, especially beef, and also compliments most vegetables. It can even be added to a vinaigrette for a zesty salad dressing.

The Sweet Relish is a wonderful blend of sweet chilis and ginger, which is made in Malmesbury, South Africa where the chilies are also lovingly grown. This sweet chili & ginger relish is ideal for a traditional cheese or smoked meat platter (think of all those upcoming parties!), and is also recommended to serve with slivers of sundried tomato, and lightly smoked mozzarella cheese atop a crusty farmhouse loaf, slathered on four cheese muffins, or quiche Lorraine. If you’ve been a fan of our popular onion relish, we have a feeling you’re really going to enjoy this one!

Our new spices include Smoked Hot Rocks and Victoria Falls Rainbow Peppercorn. If you’ve enjoyed our plain Hot Rocks in the past, you might want to kick things up further with this new smokey version. Or if you have a friend that’s all about that BBQ, this spice is sure to be one they’ll appreciate, since it can bring that addicting smokey flavor to a whole new range of foods, such as a baked potato with sour cream or homemade chowder As for the Rainbow Peppercorns, we all know that nothing can add the nuance of flavor to food like blended peppercorns, they beat plain old black pepper any day!

These fair trade foods will not only add to your kitchen, they add to the lives of hard workers around the world. So whether you plan on whipping up something wonderful for yourself, or giving them as a gift this holiday season, know that your purchase this October helps honor a special time within the fair trade mission - Happy Fair Trade Month, everyone & happy eats!