Thirty five people attended a dynamic Friday Forum on October 23rd sponsored by Plowshare and the Waukesha catholic Worker.  Dr. Arnie Matlin has visited Nicaragua 33 times and gave a succinct history of the poorest country in our hemisphere.  Arnie is an “ambassador” for projects that lift people out of poverty.

In 2013 a school was built in Jiquelite, Nicaragua in memory of Judith Williams’ parents, Lew and Betty. Arnie facilitated the school’s construction.  On a recent visit, Arnie discovered that the parents were so eager to begin their children’s education early that they had started a preschool for them in the school’s kitchen, because there was no other room available.  This fall, many friends from Plowshare and the Waukesha catholic Worker donated funds to build the needed pre-school in Jiquelite.  Arnie is now there to oversee the pre-school construction.

Their next challenge is access to clean water.   Students spend the first 45 minutes of their school day hauling water.  Over $1,000 has been raised to bring clean water to Jiquelite; however, the Water Project will cost $12,000.  In this season of thanks and giving, donations for the Water Project can be sent to Waukesha catholic Worker, Inc., 615 Lake Street, Waukesha, WI53186.