Andes Gifts: Fair Trade Wool to Warm You

Imagine the fun we get to have each year upon receiving our Andes Gifts order: opening a box brimming to the top with goofy animal & adventure hats for both children and adults, and being greeted by the fuzzy smiling face of a bright yellow Minion or googly eyed monster, as we immediately put on the mohawk rainbow craziness that is the unicorn earflap hat. Receiving Andes Gifts is the most fun you can have working at a fair trade shop!  But despite the overwhelming cuteness that Andes Gifts can be, their wool line of hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and more, (which includes animal themed cup koozies!) have a greater story behind them than some might imagine.

What’s more warming than wool? Hand-knit Alpaca wool with a heartwarming story of fairness!

Anytime you visit Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace and buy the woolly warmth that is Andes Gifts you are (as their story goes:) β€œenabling a significant and growing number of third world artisans to knit, stitch, and weave their way to a better quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Indigenous Aymara and Quechua women craft Andes Gifts while working as cooperatives in comfortable and safe surroundings, earning substantially more than the national average in wages. Together Andes Gifts strives to produce handcrafted items which are stylish, practical, and modern, yet whose production reflect the natural fibers and rich cultural heritage unique to the highlands of central South America.”

Unique and utterly soft, these fair trade Alpaca winter accessories will make a world of difference once that winter chill sets in. Plus they make great gifts for loved ones, as each style (and there are many!) comes in a wide range of colors, and if you go with a silly Andes hat, you won’t fail to put a smile on someone’s face!

So stop on by soon and snuggle up to some hand-knit winter wool and find your perfect pair of gloves or ear warmers for the long winter months ahead. This may be the first year you wish  winter would last a little longer just to don your winter wear from Plowshare a few more times. ;)

Here is a great video about the Economic Impact that Andes Gifts makes: