Art Crawl & Fair Trade Stocking Stuffers

December 5,2015 is the next Waukesha Art Crawl, which means we will be doing our Roll the Die Discount  & you’ll be having a night of fun! Don’t forget that December 5 is also St Nick’s night, so you’ll be able to grab some last minute stocking stuffers for all those not receiving coal this year. ;) Not only will there be lots of art, gifts, and refreshments to be had in Historic Downtown Waukesha, but there will even be horse -drawn carriage rides from 5-9pm making for quite the winter’s night!

If you could use some help thinking of some great stocking stuffer ideas, here are a few of our favorites!

Ornaments: We have a wide selection of ornaments, from our popular handcrafted Peruvian gourdaments to animals and angels of all sorts that are mostly made from recycled materials such as magazine paper, bike chains and soda cans.

Finger Puppet Story Sets: Each story set comes with four hand knit characters to match a popular children’s story, including nativity and christmas friends for the holiday season. You can even put together your own finger puppet story by purchasing individual finger puppet people and animals.

Small Instruments: Make sure your loved ones have all the bells and whistles -  literally! We have little and large instruments from all over the world, including maracas, drums, rainmakers, thundermakers, pan flutes, slide whistles, painted whistles, and bells, of course!

Hot Cocoa: Whether you like your hot cocoa classic, dark or spicy we’ve got you covered! If you ask us, they all taste amazing!

Chocolate Bars: Fair trade and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, we have a wide variety of flavors in both milk and dark chocolate. If you have lot’s of christmas stockings to stuff you’ll be able to fill your chocolate club card fast!

Pine Crayons: bring back a whole lot of excitement for coloring with our a bundle of pine tree crayons made in Ecuador.  These pair especially nice with our Ellie Pooh coloring book for kids.

Soapstone Animals: Got an animal lover to gift?  We have a wide assortment of critters that were hand carved in Kenya from soapstone and each animal comes in a range of bright colors.

Winter Knits: Alpaca wool is one of the coziest gifts you can give, and no matter your giftee’s taste we’re confident we have a winter knit they would love, from crazy kid & adult animal hats to simple, classic gloves and mittens, there’s all sorts of possibility!

Happy Art Crawling, everyone!

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