Lover's Knots

Man & wife, being two, are one in love. -Shakespeare

Weddings are upon us, but before we can clink glasses and dance the night away, we must find the perfect wedding gift!

How about a fair trade, handmade Lover’s Knot from Kenya?

The Lover’s Knot is a heart-touching symbol of eternal love, carved from one, unified piece of Kissi soapstone. One loop represents the bride, and the other her groom, knotted together forever in a beautiful embrace.

The Lover’s Knot began as a part of early African tribal culture. Originally they were simply created from rope, and worn as adornments around the neck, ankle or wrist as a symbol of bonded love. Over time the love knot has expanded beyond lovers to symbolize the tie between friends and also “tribes” as a whole, acknowledging that such bonds can never truly be broken, and strengthen when honored as a whole.  Today, lover’s knots can be made from many materials ranging from gold and silver to fabric.

Here at Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace, our Lover’s Knots are hand carved statues,created in Kenya from a single block of all natural Kissi soapstone that can be placed in the bride and groom’s home to be cherished always as a reminder of their wedding day. Our soapstone statues are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and our Lover’s Knots and Bonded Lover’s Hearts (which are similar in symbolic meaning, but are two unified hearts instead of a simplistic knot) are simple enough to fit the style of any home.

A fair trade gift made with love and kindness is the perfect gift for that special day when two become one.

Now that we've got that knot all figured out, let's celebrate!