New Vendor Spotlight ~ JusTea

The last few days have been chilly and gray, reminding us that fall isn’t too far away, and with the need for socks and longer sleeves comes the craving for a comforting cup of tea.

What you’ve got to try, if you are a tea lover, is our brand new loose leaf tea from JusTea. Fair trade, JusTea is 100% natural and free from pesticides, hand picked by Kenyan farmers, and processed by hand instead of using the increasingly common factory machines. The tea is then bought directly from small farmers so that they can earn 2.5 times more for all their hard work. As you can see from the comparative infographic below, such fair trade practices can really make a difference! The graphic below can also help you determine how much tea you will need per cup, and may prove useful if you buy JusTea in the future.

Did we mention that the tea containers and the tea contained inside of them are absolutely beautiful? They truly are. Your JusTea container holds 3.5 oz of loose leaf tea, and is wrapped in stunning, recycled Kenyan fabric that fits the mood of each tea flavor. Included with each tea container is a hand carved wooden teaspoon with vibrant Kenyan bead work at the base of the handle. To top it all off, the tea leaves and spices inside are just as lovely to look at, with an oh so soothing scent, making these teas the perfect house warming, get well, birthday or just because kind of gift!

These are the rosy African Chai leaves, and the yellow is our decaffeinated Chamomile Cleanse - gorgeous!

It’s a great thing when a tea’s ethics are as heartwarming as that first soothing sip. We are happy to now offer these fair trade loose leaf teas here at Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace, and can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Peace from Plowshare