Plowshare's Booth at Waukesha Farmer's Market: Enacting Local & Global Change

The Waukesha Farmer’s Market starts May 7, 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited! Soon we’ll be greeted by sunny mornings and smiling faces, as everyone takes in all the wonderful things Waukesha has to offer. There’s few things we enjoy as much as seeing our customers strolling the river with their handwoven elephant grass baskets from Ghana in hand, filling them up with fresh local vegetables, fruit, cheese, honey and a huge bouquet of radiant flowers.

The importance and benefits of shopping local and supporting our local farmers is huge, and to see that in action each weekend in Historic Downtown Waukesha is truly a hopeful, inspiring thing. Even more amazing is to think of Waukesha’s reach in creating positive change. We as a community are not only supporting our local causes at the Waukesha Farmer’s Market, but global causes, as well. Every time you buy from Plowshare Fair Trade’s booth at the market, or stroll on over to the shop, you are enacting positive world change. In one enjoyable Saturday morning at the Waukesha Farmer’s Market and a visit to Plowshare’s booth, you have not only supported our local community, but you’ve also made it known that you believe in the fair treatment, pay, and quality of life for farmers all over the world. That’s quite the accomplishment to achieve while stepping out to simply buy some food and coffee!

Speaking of coffee, if you haven’t tried our Equal Exchange coffee you’re in for a treat! We offer a range of light, medium and dark roast ground coffee of which you are bound to find one that you love. What makes Equal Exchange coffee better than most coffee out there though isn’t the great wake-you-up taste, it’s how it’s made. Equal Exchange is Fair Trade Certified, so the farmers who have painstakingly worked to grow those coffee beans and harvest them in places such as Colombia, Peru and Ethiopia are receiving fair pay and bettering not only their individual livelihood, but their community at large. Before and without fair trade certification, this is not always the case. Many farmers and harvesters work grueling hours with barely any pay, and there is no protection from forced labor, even (and sadly, especially) for children. By stopping by Plowshare’s booth and buying a bag of fair trade coffee, you’re placing a vote of sorts, for a fairer, safer, more supportive place to live for the workers of our world.

Coffee not your spot of tea? Equal Exchange also has an expansive line of bagged teas that follow the very same fair trade guidelines. This year we have 3 new flavors that we highly recommend: Green Tea with Ginger, Roobios Chai, and Ginger - so soothingly delicious!

We’ll also be offering our new line of JusTea loose leaf teas from Kenya, which are not only delicious but beautiful, from the packaging of recycled African fabric to the leaves and buds you’ll find inside. Each JusTea comes with a hand carved wooden tablespoon with beads, making this one a great farmer’s market gift for a friend. Justly made tea just for you! According to JusTea, “Nearly 90% of youth aged 18-28 are unemployed in rural Kenya. A formal education is an asset, but even the highly educated struggle to find a job. JusTea is dedicated to investing in people. By creating new jobs, and keeping profits in the community, we hope to positively impact tea farming villages throughout Kenya.”

The majority of the products you will find at Plowshare are from third world countries, but sometimes in the case of  Women’s Bean Project, (who makes our popular bean soups, cornbreads, dips rubs and more) it’s a little closer to home. Based out of Colorado, Women’s Bean offers transitional job training for chronically unemployed and impoverished women. Helping them develop the job skills they need to create better lives for them and their families. Not only that, but these women make some of the best soups and dips we’ve ever tasted!

Other fair trade food newbies to look for at the farmer’s market are our Smoked Habanero Hotdrops and Lemon Hotdrops from Serrv International, as well as their Tomato Mustard and Sweet Relish - some really deliciously good causes here in Waukesha and Plowshare is beyond happy to be a part of that!

See you soon!

Your friends at Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace