New Global Baby Books at Plowshare

Global Babies was initiated by the Global Fund for Children (, and since 1996, they have produced over 30 award-winning titles for little ones. Their overall goal is to help guide young ones to a better understanding of the world at large, and to help guide their growth as a global citizen.

At Plowshare, we have carried Global Babies for years and have been happy to see this book continue to grow in popularity. Customers are always sharing with us how much their baby loves it, and how the colorful and close-up photos really engage their little one’s attention. The photography within these books is truly wonderful, and sure to entertain children and parents alike, as they share in the experience of learning about other cultures and what baby rearing can look like in other parts of the world.

As their website says, β€œGlobal Fund for Children books integrate children’s perspectives, present positive images of children, and help raise a new generation of productive, caring citizens of a global society.”

Which is why we brought even more books by the Global Fund for Children into Plowshare this month! Including: Global Babies Bedtime, Global Baby Girls, and Global Baby Boys! We also now have Babies Everywhere: Carry Me!, which is not through the Global Fund but is done in a very similar, beautiful and engaging style.

These books make wonderful shower or birthday gifts in combination with our Putumayo Lullaby CD’s, adorable Pebble Rattles or Felted Zootie Booties. Better yet, your purchase of these books helps make a difference in the lives of children worldwide, as a portion of all sales goes to the Global Fund for Children’s work with vulnerable children.

What a cute and caring way to celebrate babies everywhere!

Jacqueline Valenti

Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace